Space Saving

When you consider what you are paying per square metre for office space, better document management certainly becomes an attractive option. However, it is not always the related cost that encourages Businesses to take stock, more usually being about the need to expand and better utilise the office space that is currently available to them.

Up to 20,000 single-sided text documents can be stored on one CD – equivalent to the paperwork contained in approximately:

8 A4 Boxes

.. and 140,000 text documents on a DVD!

Ease of Access and Data Transfer

Stop Watch

You will be able to locate documents in seconds, rather than hours, saving both time and labour.

Where documents are not easily accessible …

… But need to be referred to regularly, having documents scanned and indexed and/or OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) makes finding information simple and fast, without the need to ever leave your desk.

You can then transfer data to colleagues and clients with ease.

Contingency / Disaster Recovery


How would your business survive in the event of a disaster – Fire or Flood? Many businesses are forced to close after fire or flood destroys their paper records.

As a contingency, Companies often choose to have essential records scanned, that would enable them to continue business if the worst happened.

CDs or DVDs, providing duplicate information, can be stored off-site at Disaster Recovery units, and on-site in fireproof cabinets.

Security of Data


Once documents are filed and indexed electronically, information cannot be removed and lost, nor mis-filed or altered, using write-once media.

Passwords can also be applied as an additional security feature.

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