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'Are electronic files accepted by the HM Revenue & Customs?'

'YES' HM Revenue & Customs certainly do accept electronic documents as they, themselves, have been tasked to assist the Government achieve a target that customers will be able to conduct 100% of their dealings with all government departments electronically, by the end of 2005.

At present, the law makes no distinction between electronic or paper records. As a result, HM Revenue & Customs simply refer to 'records' in their guidelines. Whether a business keeps their records on paper or electronically makes little difference. They do, however, insist that you inform them of the format you use for your electronic storage. Therefore, a business should advise their local VAT office that they wish to store scanned document copies of all their records in 'format X' (Tiff format etc) and that those records will be held on CD or within document management system 'Y'.

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